Thompson Aviation

Thompson Aviation
Thompson Aviation
Are you ready to take to the skies, explore beyond the clouds and delve into a lucrative career.
Are you ready to FLY?
Your choice of flight school is the first and most important step in starting your aviation journey. We are industry leaders since 2003!

Our pledge to all our clients is to provide:
• safe,
• efficient
• cost effective flight training.

It is important to understand that Aircrafts are mechanical by nature and of course have no emotions, a machine does not care who flies is, male or female, strong or weak, it just wants to be flown in a technically correct manner so that it can perform optimally, otherwise it won’t perform at all.
If one really understands this statement it becomes clear that Aviation is a very responsible endeavour and can never be taken lightly, that is why we strive to ensure training of the highest quality and safety.
We have an open door policy towards our students and engage on a regular basis with Parents, sponsors or concerned family to report on progress and challenges.

For more information please visit our website:
012 753 5580
Hangar S1, Wonderboom National Airport

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Thompson Aviation