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Airshow Information

Information relating to airshows held at Wonderboom Airport. It includes documents for Vendors and both participating and non-participating aircraft.

Airshow 2011 Arrival & Departure Procedures

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The Wonderboom Air-show to be held in the FAWB CTR required that careful considerations be made and specific procedures pertaining to the particular event be adhered to as stipulated below by both ...

Airshow 2011 Vendor Pack

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Wonderboom Airport Aishow 2011 Exhibitor / Vendor Pack

FAWB Airshow 2011 Joining Procedures

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FAWB Airshow 2011 Joining Procedures.

Street Vendor Requirements

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Application in accordance with section 3 of the municipality of Tshwane’s by-laws concerning street trading to sell warm worsrolls, et cetera on street

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